So who are we? What are we all about?


The Wickedly Welsh Chocolate Company is a family run business whose owners Karen and Mark are truly passionate about all things chocolate. We have great fun with our amazingly talented team producing a range of high quality, contemporary and slightly eccentric hand crafted chocolates from our artisan factory in Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire.

So, a bit about us

Oh ok....just for a minute we will talk about ourselves and not chocolate. The Wickedly Welsh Chocolate company is based in west Wales and run by us, Karen and Mark Owen and our super talented, friendly and inspiring team of chocolatiers (did they write this bit??).

We are Welsh (apart from Mark, the Irish one, but we think that’s close enough). We make our chocolate in Pembrokeshire (the sun and salty sea air has a definite influence on our cheery, fun chocolate) and we use many Welsh and local sourced ingredients. From sea salt, to fruits... we put love, fun and a definite wickedly Welsh twist on all things chocolate.

Chocolate is delicious. We eat it, we have fun making it. We even dream about chocolate beaches and chocolate clouds.. (slightly worrying hey?). All that’s left to do is to share our chocolate fun with you.

For us it’s about being a bit naughty. We’re all about big flavours, quirky ideas and Indulging your Wicked side. We want you, chocolate lovers, to experience chocolate at our chocolate factory in ways we think, you can't anywhere else.

All our chocolates are all made with the finest quality chocolate and ingredients, sourced locally wherever possible and handmade in Wales, by us, for you.

Go on, indulge YOUR Wicked side.