Not all chocolate is created equal

Cacao or cocoa, ‘the food of the Gods’ is actually a super food.  It’s full of antioxidants and minerals and has been proven to reduce your blood pressure and cholesterol .  ‘So what!’  you may think but it reduces it by a lot,  enough to make a difference to your life!!  It doesn’t stop there either, have you heard of hardening of the arteries? It helps with those too by introducing elasticity back into them.  Now this is truly amazing stuff but there’s more.  It has been proven  to significantly improve memory loss, boost athletic performance, protect Type 2 diabetics against Cardio Vascular Disease and even reverse some of the effects  of smoking!!!  Some of these benefits can be achieved in as little as 6 weeks.

WAIT….. STOP!! Don’t rush out and start emptying the shops of your favourite chocolate treats because not all chocolate is created equal and here’s the problem.

The good stuff  in the chocolate is called Flavanols, they’re present in red wine, green tea,  berries and some vegetables too but in minuscule quantities in comparison to cacao.  Now when the cacao is processed into chocolate only about 8% of the Flavanols are left be the time we get to eat it!!  If you then factor in all the sugar that’s added all that goodness is pretty much gone.

At Wickedly Welsh Chocolate we buy a seriously special chocolate which has been processed in a very sympathetic and special way. Its taken 7 years to perfect this process and great care is taken to ensure that upto 80% of the Flavanols are retained.  Not only that but the chocolates we make from it taste awesome!!  Now, if you’re diabetic, an athlete, want to try to prevent memory loss, have been a smoker or just want to improve your heart health and reduce your risk of Cardio Vascular Disease then we have a Wickedly tasty treat in store for you.

Don’t take my word for it though, I’m not a doctor  nor a scientist but if you read the studies we’ve read which we’ve  linked to from this site then I’m 100% confident you’ll draw the same conclusions we have.  Caution:-  Not all our chocolate is flavanol rich so make sure you read the description carefully before you buy.   All our chocolate IS however Wickedly good  and made with the best quality ingredients so I know you’ll enjoy  whatever you buy so,  Go on….  Be Wicked!!